Frequently Asked Questions

Q: are you debby ryan?

A: no i am NOT debby ryan or in contact with her this is JUST a fansite run by three (3) people who are fans.

Q: can you help/make me a site?

A: no i cant do that im sorry im very busy i barely have anything on my on site so no.

Q: can i help you with your site?

A: actually yes i am putting applications out and if you would like to apply then go ahead be my guest.

Q: why didnt you put my request/donation on your site? i worked really hard on it.

A: im sorry but i only choose who has the best/close match to the picture of debby and if yours wasnt it then thats probably why.

Staff/Helper Application Forms

1. copycats/gallery designer/photo finder/putter upper

(^needed now^)

2. layout designer/coder

(^needed now^)

3. extra staff/helper

(^needed now^)

for this job you will have to be able to know how to update guides and be able to put them on the site by yourself. also maybe even add links to style/dress for less guides or add stuff to the hair and makeup section. if you really want this job or are having trouble or anything then please email me and ill help you out.

Debby-Ryan Online is no way in contact Debby Ryan or any of her management. We are not Debby. We do not know Debby. We are not pretending to be Debby. All of the pictures used in the style guides are from various Debby Ryan fansites inculding All graphics/images are made by angela (owner) or hillary (staff) otherwise started by someone else. please check the credits page for a list of full credits. If you think we stole something of yours, please contact us A.S.A.P. before taking any legal action and it will be removed immediately. Thank You for reading and please enjoy the site. ©2009 Debby-Ryan Online