Grand Opening!

hey guys and welcome to debby-ryan online your ulimate source site for everything about debby. there isnt that any guides up right now but there will be soon. once we do the guides will be exact or close matches to debbys style. we also have tons of other guides like hair,makeup, and more so make sure you check that out. please DO NOT STEAL any of the guides or other content that are on the site we do work really hard to make sure you guys like everything on here so please dont. if you have any comments and/or questions please feel free to contant us. but for now please enjoy.    ~angela

owner: angela

staff member: hillary

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opened on: january 17, 2009

online since: january 18, 2009

guides counted: 34 guides

First Update!

hey everyone its summer here with an update just look under hair!! its not very big but its a start please request/donate!!! enjoy!!! also look under clothing for one new guide by angela.

[EDIT]- there will be brand new application forums coming out soon so if you would like to apart of the staff and help out then please do remember the owner (angela) will only be picking two (2) more people to help out. applications come out this weekend.

New Applications/Update/News

hey guys. i will be adding three (3) new application forms if you would like to be apart and/or help out with the site then you should take look at them. it would be helpful to me if i had someone doing the job of the gallery which isnt up yet but will be soon and also the copycats section. if you are interseted please email and ill email you the application form(s). also there will be some new guides this weekend as i said before in the last update. and last but not least there is a BRAND NEW EPISODE of the suite life on deck its called "when in rome..." so please check that out it starts tonight at 8pm (EST) on disney channel. well i dont have much else to say but please send in your request/donations we NEED them and i havent gotten a single one yet and thats upsetting to me i didnt go and make this site just for the fun of it i did it because i wanted to and wanted people to see it and come to it and ITS NOT MY FAULT that the layout and us getting hosted isnt working out im sorry really i am the person who is doing my layout is taking longer then i though if you know anyone who can make layouts please let me know by email or commenting in the cbox. thanks. angela (owner)

Another Update By Summer!!!

hey everyone sorry for not updating in a little while i have been loaded with tons of homework. but i just updated a couple of guides so check it out under clothing. please send in donations and enjoy!

Update By Hillary.

Hey everyone, sorry that there hasn't been an update lately. All the staff members and owner have been extremely busy the past couple of weeks.  I promise that there will be an update this weekend.  Monday is President's Day so I am off school. This means that I will be able to have more free time to update the site. Thank you to all visiters of the site for understanding the situation and we hope you all continue to visit the site.  As a reminder we accept all donations and give full credit for them. Thanks, Hillary.♥♥♥

Style/Dress For Less/Other.

hey guys, i am extremely sorry that there hasnt been any updates or anything its just that everyone has been busy and had no time. but now we are free and now its the weekend so we have time to update. i have just added a new style and dress for less guide there both the same one. also i have "opened" the copycats/look a-like section part of the site you can now start sending in your me your picture of you and a picture of debby and tell me what your wearing or whatever. copycat/look a-like will officially open next friday feburary 20th,09. please keep sending in your request/donations we really need them. and finally i am looking (again) for 1-2 more staff members so if your interested please send me an email and ill send you a application forum. thanks so much for visiting. angela (owner)

[EDIT]- do you guys think that we should have a question of the day/week, of the months, and all that?!?. please let me no by email. which is at the bottom.

Style/Hair/Dress For Less/Other.

hey everyone its angela the owner. i have just added 4 new guides to clothing,hair, and dress for less. i would have done the update ealier but my computer wasnt working. well thats it i hope you all like the update. also please reply to the question below.

[EDIT]- do you guys think that we should have a question of the day/week, of the months, and all that?!?. please let me no by email. which is at the bottom.

Small Update!

hey everyone. i have just updated a new clothing guide. i hope you all like it. i'll try and update more soon. thanks.


Hosting/Layout/Update This Weekend.

hey everyone i am so so sorry i have been very busy this past weekend and i wasnt able to update and i am going to do a HUGE BIG UPDATE this weekend. i will try to add at least 10 guides my goal is 20 for the update. i will be adding 10-20 guides for each section. also i dont know if you all remembered or not but the copycats/look alikes is now open. if you would like to send in your picture of you wearing a outfit that debby wore or whatever do so mind you we can take your face/head out of the picture if you dont want it there. thanks so much and please keep visiting :]

[EDIT]-i have ordered a brand new layout for the site and i have sent an email saying we would like to get hosted. once i hear back i will post a comment on the site saying we are. 


hey guys i finally updated today but this isnt it. me and hillary are going to update this weekend like i said. i added 5 new clothing guides to the site today. i added 4 new hair guides too. also i have gotten an email from fansites saying they would love to host us. so yay finally! and i am still waiting for the layout its been almost 3 months now that we havent had an official layout for the site so im working on that to. um i dont know what else to say..the copycats/look alikes is now OPEN so you can start sending in your pictures (if wanted),im looking for another STAFF MEMEBER to, and im just gonna do this myself nobody has sent me an email saying ANYTHING so.

[EDIT]-new layout..sorta

Question Of The Day: what do you think we should add to the site to make it more popular/better?

anwser in the cbox.


hey guys im sorry about the site not being updated. everyone is a little busy right now and were trying the best we can. i am trying to do a HUGE HUGE HUGE update sometime soon. as for now i added 3 new style guides followed by a hair guide. i also added some of debbys official links. please send in your requests/donations to ( i have ordered a brand new layout for the site and have also gotten hosted. we will be changing sites soon. angela (owner)

debby's official sites.
Official Fansite
Official Youtube
Official Myspace
Official Website
Official IMDB


New Website/Other Things.

hey guys. sorry for the slack of updating but me (the owner) and hillary (the staff) are having some family issuses and plus we really didnt think that "debby ryan" was a well known person like miley cyrus amd selena gomez. so we  opened a brand new site. its website is all about demi lovato and selena gomez. we have their style, hair, bio, and more. we also are waiting on a new layout and getting hosted so please be patient. if you would like to visit the site go to ( for everything about demi and selena. oh and before i forget..this site is closed somewhat. we are not updating here anymore. if you would like to take it to own you may just email me at and ill give you a forum. thanks so much.

angela (owner)

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